Makeup Service in Houston

If you live in Houston and have an important upcoming function that you do not feel comfortable doing your own makeup for, then you should contact  COLECOLORS. At COLECOLORS, a professional makeup artist is here to offer a range of makeup application services for the men and women of Houston for all occasions. Don’t let an important event stress you out. If you don’t feel completely confident in doing your own makeup, a skilled artist will relieve you of that stress happily. Makeup can often be a major factor in how people perceive you. First impressions make a big difference, and for professional, charity, and business events, making a good first impression is very important.

Makeup Service for Teens

There are other occasions that professional makeup application can really take to the next level. Big parties such as proms, sweet sixteens, and bat mitzvahs are formative events in the development of teenagers. Getting their makeup professionally done on a day like this will really make it special and make them feel like they are entering womanhood. Our friendly and always professional makeup artist is willing to share helpful tips and tricks that can be employed at home in your beauty regime. The goal is to try to make makeup application appointments as relaxing as possible while still being informative should you wish to learn new techniques.

Types of Makeup Applications

Here are a few of the more popular makeup options Houston clients ask for:

Dramatic and Divine

Dark, smoky eyes are perfect for dramatic evening looks. Smoky eyes add depth and definition to your eye so that they look deep and penetrating. Your personal makeup artist will match the ideal eyeshadow shades to make your eyes pop. Finishing off your look with a light bronze glow and some blush to liven up the face is quick and simple.

Professional Chic

For an office oriented event, a great makeup option is something that brings definition to your features, but is minimal in its execution. For office looks, a beige eye and lip combination is always a winner. Beige is anything but boring, as the artist possess many high-quality products that are multidimensional and bring out the highlights in your face.

Au Natural (But Better)

For a neutral look, it’s all about the “my lips but better” color. Think earth tones and subtle contouring. For a neutral face, adding a nice rosy glow to the cheek will instantly bring some life to the face. Neutral looks are great for daytime and date night events, or charity soirées.

Glittered and Glam

Look no further for the high-grade glitter you love. It’s safe to use on the eyes, lips, and face. Glitter is a dramatic way to make a statement at an event. Glitter catches the light beautifully and creates a dynamic look perfect for a night out on the town dancing with your best girlfriends.

If you have a special occasion coming up, let a skilled artist help you make it run smoothly! To consult with a professional makeup artist, reach out by phone today. Easy scheduling and consistent service awaits you.